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I love learning of ways I can improve as a developer or team leader, or how I can better help those around me. I also love presentations and talks by passionate and informed speakers. My favourite talks aren’t just about the code or tech itself, but concepts related to code and working in software / digital / knowledge industries. The hands-on tech content dates very quickly, but those other concepts? They’re worth coming back to, and building on, thinking about and discussion with others. Over time, I’ve watched and bookmarked video presentations on topics like teams, leadership, communication, process, patterns, behaviour, learning, and technology in society, all from the perspective of a member of the tech/digital industry. Even motivation, which we all need sometimes.

Generally I stumbled onto these videos, and in doing so, I learnt about conferences and events around the world which I didn’t know existed. These are fantastic events, where big thinkers present valuable material and ideas. Even though I may not be able to attend those events all the time, it’s kind of amazing that on a rainy day I can essentially have a tailor-made (and free!) conference-at-home, sampling talks from the best tech events around the world.

My video bookmarks collection started getting too big. Being the organised dev I am, I finally decided to whip up a little site to not only catalogue them so I can find them, but share them so others might enjoy them as I have. I hope to enrich the search functions to include things like searching for videos of certain lengths, so you can easily find and select a video to watch on your lunch break, or your commute.

I’ve moved many of my bookmarked videos into this little site, annotated with running time and audience, tagged and in collections to help you explore. For collections which are conferences and events, I’ve included a bit of info about the event in the hope that you’ll continue your exploration and consider attending conferences which interest you (e.g. the Web Directions collection).

I’ve more of my favourite videos bookmarked, and still have quite a long “to watch” list. I’ll try to add a few new talks every week. If you’ve found a great talk or a great conference you think I should check out, please let me know. Likewise if you have any suggestions please let me know!

I hope you enjoy the site.

– Carly Lyddiard

You can find out more about me at, or on Twitter as @eee8aa.